Monday, 18 February 2013

The Golden Coast

After a brief spell in the Arctic, it was back to the sunny south for the beginning of the National MTB Team training camp. Based out of Carlsbad, California, the goal for the week was lots and LOTS of base miles. The Canadian girls were a blast to ride with, and I learned a lot both on and off the bike.

105km ride out to San Clemente and back. Lots of echelon practice! 

Ride down to the San Diego velodrome... I love the PCH

Les fleurs pour les BELLES filles ;)

First time I've ever been on a track. Safe to say I'm hooked! Coach should never have introduced me to this sport.

Who needs a boyfriend when you've got Scott and Adam around? Stand up guys. Happy belated Valentines Day you beautiful people. 

This was undoubtedly the most fun Canada project I've ever been on. With a heavy emphasis on "team building", we got to do lots of activities. From Supercross, to go karting, to ice cream on the beach, we sure did build a pretty good team. Huuuuge thanks to the National team staff for making this trip so awesome! A healthy balance between practice and play made for a great week and a half.

This was an experience for sure. Welcome to muuuuurica

Mitch was pretty excited for supercross. #sexy


Happy birthday Mitchell! Can't believe this kid is 21... please don't start acting your age. 

The best rest day ever. 

4 people, 3 bikes, 2 hockey bags, 1 bike bag, 3 suitcases, 3 back packs, and a whole lot of food. Scott Kelly, you are officially the master of Tetris. 

Left to Right: Confused, Windswept, and Covergirl

Malibu pier... Athletes and Scott's DAY OF FUN.

After a great week in Carlsbad, it's time to hit up the OCA camp in Oxnard. Looking forward to a few great days of riding aboard my Norco Valence, eating, and hanging out with some of the most fun people around. Just loving life right now!

Oxnard is a great place. So grateful to be here... biking is just awesome. 

PS. You've probably all heard the Lumineers album, but if you haven't you need to take a listen! Shout out to Momma Turner for wrangling some tickets for this concert. April 30th can't come fast enough!

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