Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Back to Reality

After the national team camp in Carlsbad, the U23 Ontarians packed up our stuff and headed north to Oxnard for the OCA Endurance camp. It was a little sad starting the last week of training camps for the 2013 preseason, but I was still really excited for the riding and company! The week was filled with Canada Summer Games prep (which included a vicious points race, a rather unorthodox team relay, and a surprisingly painful wheelbarrow race), bike riding, eating, and as much relaxation as possible. I've got a few papers to write now that I've returned to reality, so I'll reserve my words for those. Pictures are worth more than words anyways, so have at it:

Lake Casitas loop - even on a cloudy day, it's nice!

Gatorade commercial?

Best part of California :)

Who is that fine physical specimen?

Majestic Unicorn... a.k.a Greg Rawson

Backside of Gibraltar... ice/snow skills were called upon today

Ocean to my left, mountains to my right. It's the life.  

The Three Musketeers

Who knew I had an artistic side?


Throwback Thursday for Petey D's birthday. So greasy.

Looking fly, MA

Happy birthday, Peter!

Throwback Thursday

Donuts... Cakes... We're athletes?

If that's not authentic, I don't know what is. 
Last ride in California... that smile may be a little forced haha

Until next year!

I woud have taken "Hailey", or maybe "Hayley",  but this just seems a little ridiculous...

Back to real life now, which means a large amount of studying and an extra large amount of procrastinating. Only a month and a half until race season... survival seems possible.

Just a little something to get you through those last midterms and past the Wednesday hump:


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